With the changing landscape of how we now travel, ‘There is No Place Like Home’ is here to showcase our very own beautiful Australian backyard.

Rugged coastlines, unique mammals and exquisite marine life are just some of the experiences Australi has to offer. Travel through the rustic outback or elegant cities to enjoy sumptuous food and wine. Whatever your adventure or desire the Australian landscpae has it all – why wouldn’t you spend time exploring my home, beautiful Australia.

I’ve partnered with the best local operators to bring you holiday packages in Australia that will leave lasting memories.

about me

Travel is a passion that lead to a career. For the past 25 years I have been creating amazing travel and holiday experiences for my clients.

I’ve covered the globe with travels through Europe, wandering across Africa for 3 months, criss-crossing numerous Central and South American countries including sojourns into the Amazon and Galapagos and enjoyed Caribbean hospitality. Weekends away in America (well, I was living in Canada), skiing the Canadian slopes, cruising the Pacific and touring SE Asia including travelling the length of Vietnam. Have also backpacked through China, travelled most of the roads there are to travel in New Zealand in a trusty old Holden HQ and lazed on tropical Pacific islands. Explored all states and territories of our own wonderful country. I’ve done the tours and high end travel as well as industry trips and disappeared into continents for months on end with only a backpack and my wits. Once travelling got in my blood it never stopped.

Professionally, I have worked in travel agencies in Australia, New Zealand and Canada and during this time I have helped hundreds of families, couples, groups and solo travellers from all over the world plan and enjoy hassle-free, fun filled holidays.

This vast experience gives me a unique understanding of the common issues and things to be mindful of when planning your holiday to ensure that your dream plans become a reality.

Building Memories

Travel within Australia will leave you breathless. It won’t matter if you are travelling alone, with friends or with your family, time spent here will leave you with a lifetime of memories.  I feel honoured that I am able to help you create your perfect holiday – thank you

WE have You Covered


Australia is home to a vast display of wildlife. From marine life, to mammals, to reptiles we have it all.

Eco lodges & tours

Australia has some of the best eco tourism initiatives anywhere in the world with tours to suit all budgets and needs.

Epic journeys

From hardcore adventures to the relaxation of wellness spas our journeys will be as epic as you make them.

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Since opening in New Zealand in 1986 and its arrival into Australia in 2007, House of Travel has grown into the largest independent travel company in Australasia. This means that by being a personal travel manager, not only do I have access to amazing travel deals that I can provide you, but you have the security that your money is secure during the booking process. Under no circumstances will TravelManagers accept cash payments, nor should payments be made to any other bank account, other than the TravelManagers client trust account (ANZ BSB: 012 172 | Account: 4967-59407). For details, please visit travelmanagers.com.au/peaceofmind.