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Join a passionate Naturalist Guide in search of Australia’s iconic and diverse wildlife in the wild.  Head to the Southern Highlands just 100kms from the bustling city of Sydney for a day of learning about Australia’s unique wildlife including kangaroos, wallabies, platypus, wombats, birdlife and the elusive koala plus so much more.


  • afternoon tea  (Oct – Mar)
  • lunch (Apr – Sep)
  • dinner
  • luxury transport
  • Naturalist Guide
  • Field guides
  • Binoculars

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Travel to the Southern Highlands

At just 100kms from Sydney, the Southern Highlands is easily accessible. As we drive to our first stop your Guide will give you an informative and interesting background on the uniqueness of Australian wildlife. 

Wildlife Drive and Walk

After lunch, we venture to different parts of the local Wingecarribee area. This region of the Southern Highlands is still very undeveloped, with few actual towns to speak of – just thousands of acres of farms, uncleared bush and natural hills and canyons. There are also several pockets of National Park, State Forest, and a mixture of private and public property to explore. Perfect to look for wildlife!

Here we’re likely to come across kangaroos and wallabies feeding in the paddocks or amongst the lightly wooded clearings. Wombats predominantly feed in the evening and night, but we’ll often see them here during the day, particularly in rainy weather or during leaner times. Other animals like wild deer and foxes are also around, or hopefully we may chance upon an echidna burrowing into the ground.

Arguably one of Australia’s most iconic animals, Koalas are elusive and well-hidden from most bushwalkers. With the help of our experienced Guides however, you have a good chance of seeing them on our bushwalks. You’ll easily find evidence of koalas, including their distinctive 2-thumbed scratch marks on towering Grey Gums (one of their favourite food sources), scats (droppings) and perhaps the low growling roar of a male koala.

Platypus River Walk

Continuing on, we head to the river in search of one of the world’s most paradoxical animals – the platypus. When word first reached London of this strange creature, it was assumed to be a hoax devised by the explorer/scientists of the New World. The time just before dusk is the perfect time to spot this very shy, elusive creature and we know just the spot! We see platypus most tours on our river walk, and it’s a thrill every time.


For dinner, we call in to a typical Australian Inn for a cosy, fun spot to enjoy a hearty country-style meal in casual surroundings, definitely a rural Australian experience. The dinner menu includes a range of hot meals, with vegetarian options available. 


After dinner we head a short distance north in search of nocturnal life. At night, the Australian Bush is alive with activity. Wombats roam the grasslands, kangaroos and wallabies feed amongst the trees, and in the treetops possums, gliders and bats are foraging for food. With the aid of vehicle-mounted spotlights, as well as hand-held spotlights we’ll drive and walk the bush tracks looking for the night creatures. A glowing pair of eyes are easily spotted in the spotlight’s glare – an exciting find in the tree canopy.

Heading back to Sydney

Following our night-spotting adventure we return to our vehicle for the 90 minute drive back to Sydney. You’ll return to your hotel approximately 10pm-midnight (varies depending on season).